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Word Sauce
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Word Sauce

Word Sauce is a game in which you must find and arrange as many letters as possible to make a meaningful word. In this entertaining game, you may practice your vocabulary thinking. Have you ever played a word game in which you had to figure out what words were concealed within a mess of letters? This is similar to the last game, however instead of hidden words, you’re seeking cake pieces. How proficient are you at spotting hidden desserts within a jumble of letters?

Word Sauce is a Game of Intelligence and Words! To decode concealed words, use your vocabulary. Our brain puzzle game has several hard levels to help you train your brain.

How to play: The horizontal row above indicates the number of words you must link. It will reveal you important tips if you look attentively. Continue by putting the letters in the right order in the words below. You will be awarded an additional cake in your box for each word you uncover.

Word Sauce: How to Play

To arrange the letters, use the left mouse button or a direct touch on the screen.

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