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Octordle is a brand new rendition of Wordle, a spin-off built for the players seeking to guess more words per game in the word-guessing genre popularized by Wordle. So, do you think you can juggle not 2 (Dordle), not 4 (Quordle), but 8 words at the same time? We bet you do.

Game Modes

Daily: A new octordle each day. This game mode updates daily with a new Octordle (a set of eight 5-letter words) for all players around the world. You get one Octordle to guess per day and this Octordle is the same for every player.

Free: Octordle provides a method for players to get a hang of its multi-tasking approach before venturing into the world of daily Octordle. This game mode allows players to play as much as they want, each time a new Octordle.

How to play Octordle

Now that you’re all set to step into world of concurrent word-guessing, let’s see how you can play this game, what game modes are offered and how to account for the 8-grid dilemma in your already well-polished word-guessing chops.

The hidden sauce in the game is figuring out the right time to pick the first grid that you’re going to solve. This grid should get your complete attention before the other 7 grids. In any case, your first 1-2 tries will help you uncover enough letters on every grid so you can make an informed decision and pick the grid with the most revealed information.

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