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Link The Numbers
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Link The Numbers

Link The Numbers is a super-fun, informal, and brain game. Simply touch to connect numbers and then see how many you can construct in the proper sequence. The finest games are both enjoyable and demanding to play. The finest games not only make you feel good when you finish them, but they also force you to think and practice your reflexes again and again.

The rules of the game To link the numbers, first, choose the connect box above, then the number you wish to enter in that box. Calculate carefully so that you can link the boxes above in the proper sequence, from 1 to 9. Calculate precisely and rapidly, and pay close attention to every round of the competition since time is limited. You are the loser if you are unable to finish the link board.

Link The Numbers: How To Play

Use the mouse (with a computer) or touch the screen directly (with touch devices)

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