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Alphabet Game
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Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a fun word learning game that involves remembering graphics. How many questions can you accurately predict using the language you’ve learned? The alphabet game is a straightforward and enjoyable teaching game for children. It aids with the learning of the letters and spelling. Many animals’ names, colors, vegetables, fruits, and other things will be taught to children, as well as their sounds. This fantastic game is a fantastic method for youngsters to learn while still having fun.

How to Play the Alphabet Game:

To begin, a red-letter will be supplied. You must examine the photographs of the thing adjacent to it and use your vocabulary-memorization skills to deduce its terminology. Drag the picture into the white area on the left if the item contains a certain letter. When you’re certain you’ve picked the right answer entirely, click Done to view the results. Then, to go on to the next question, click Next.

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