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Apples and Numbers
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Apples and Numbers

Apples and Numbers is just a game that mixes valuable information with fun to help kids learn more. This game will help you memorize a lot of arithmetic numbers. This is a counting game that helps kids improve their counting skills. For youngsters, this is a fun, simple-to-learn and play app. Your child’s numeracy and fine motor abilities are also targeted in this game. This game is designed to teach your youngster how to match numbers to apples.

With the Apples and Numbers game, you would not only teach your children to count, but you will also engage their senses with gorgeous pictures and noises. This app includes 18 different apple and number-themed activities. In this game, you must maneuver to connect the apples in the proper sequence so that the most acceptable number is produced. When the students complete the activity, they will learn an additional number that is suitable. This is the quickest way for youngsters to learn numbers.

Apples And Numbers: How To Play

Touch the screen or use the left mouse button.

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