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Fill In The Holes
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Fill In The Holes

Fill In The Holes is a very entertaining puzzle game. Fill the table’s cells in the most logical manner possible. From casual gamers to heavyweight fans, there’s a puzzle game for everyone. You might be a fan of gripping narratives or a gamer who enjoys a challenge.

The rules of the game Fill A square having any number between 1 to 4 will be placed in the holes. Your objective is to select the number of vacant cells next to the specified cell’s number. When you see the number 3, for example, there must be three cells nearby that are filled with the same color. Arrange the cells in the table in the most logical order so that all of the cells are colored. Keep logical thinking and quickness in mind as you try to finish the game as fast as possible.

Fill In The Holes: How To Play

Making Use of the Mouse

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